4710 Canal Street New Orleans, LA 70119           
License# E 2834 #0458           

What we do and how…
We blend therapeutic grade essential oil application with light European and deep Asian massage to relieve problems and tension as pleasantly as possible in an extremely thorough manner.

What we use…
We use YOUNG LIVING Therapeutic-grade essential oils applied scientifically and methodically upon the spine and feet to both directly and indirectly effect inflammation, tension, viruses, bacteria and hormonal endocrine balance. Because these oils are anti-inflammatory in nature (and knowing that inflammation causes pain) the body is relieved. This allows a moderate amount of deep tissue to be administered with more comfort and effectiveness.

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Why people come in for our services…
To achieve complete relief (that softer massage competitors don’t achieve) without being beat up or excessively sore (the way deep tissue massage competitors make clients feel). To finally be truly fulfilled with massage in one full session that is satisfying and fulfilling of ones need for back relief.

We offer…
A choice between various lighter massages (SEE OUR MENU) and our featured premium Healing Massage. It is a Outstanding vigorous massage therapy designed to relief tension and offer remedy of muscular and structural discomfort. Blend pleasant soothing light massage as anesthesia for deep tissue neuromuscular and fascia massage, alternating between light and deep to keep recipient in a state of pleasantness while receiving maximum therapy. Aspects of work include Reflexology, Swedish, Deep Tissue, Neuromuscular, myofascial, Thai and Indian massage, Shiatsu, Acupressure, Joint Range of Motion Liberation with particular attention to the lateral reverse range of motion of the hip and shoulders. Application of Therapeutic-grade oils through the raindrop technique. This includes a series of a dozen herbs distilled at high quality to induce medical levels of spinal relief. After application these oils facilitate spontaneous vertebral release without much physical pressure. This primes the back neck and shoulders for therapy the same way liquid wrench oil primes a bolt before a plumber opens it.

Our location is a historic wood frame building set back under the large oak trees of upper Canal Street on the Metairie ridge just off City Park Avenue. This setting offers the charm of an originally residential structure with the security of a commercially zoned business street. Well lit driveway parking and is easily found by the “Advanced Healing awning.

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